Built to Last

Built to Last

The Beast wheelbarrow is specified and manufactured of a single wheel, made suitable for heavy duty conditions.

Established in 1995 by Henry van Niekerk, Bright World originated from his background as a merchant banker specializing in trade and corporate finance. A graduate of Boksburg Commercial High School and the University of Stellenbosch (BComm.MBA), Henry leveraged his expertise to embark on the journey of founding Bright World, a business focused on the import and trade of a diverse range of commodities.

Among the ventures undertaken by Bright World was the manufacturing and importation of a robust wheelbarrow known as “The Beast,” conceptualized with the needs of contractors in mind. This heavy-duty wheelbarrow, completed in 2023, boasts distinctive features, including a robust frame and tray, along with a newly designed polyurethane puncture-free wheel featuring a 120mm tread width. The wheelbarrow is further enhanced with a durable powder coating paint, ensuring prolonged resistance against corrosion.

Specifications for the wheelbarrow encompass requirements pertaining to dimensions, materials, construction, and finish, tailored for use in construction and various building projects. The unwavering commitment to quality by the proprietor and staff has resulted in high customer retention, solidifying Bright World’s reputation in the industry.


///The Beast Specifications. Model BST32812

The Beast wheelbarrow is specified and manufactured of a single wheel, made suitable for heavy duty conditions.

2.1 Steel Sheets
Steel sheets used in the manufacture of the wheelbarrow, is of a low carbon content and are free from cracks, laminations and surface blemishes.
2.2 Steel Tubes
Steel tubes used in the manufacture of the wheelbarrow comply with the requirements for grade275.
2.3 Steel Bars & Rods
Steel bars and rods used in the manufactured of the wheelbarrow are of mild steel.
2.4 Bolts & Nuts
Bolts and nuts used for tray attachment are made from steel, at least 8mm with mushroom heads and hexagon nuts.
2.5 Axles
Axles are manufactured from solid cold-rolled steel.

3.1 Dimensional Parameters
Table 1- Dimensions of the assembled wheelbarrow.
Length Width Height
1380mm 600mm 540mm
3.2 Pan
The pan is formed by a solid drawn pressing and the rim is reinforced with a steel rod of 8mm curled downwards.
3.3 Pan Capacity – 60lit, Thickness – 1.2mm
3.4 Pan Dimensions
Front Width: 370mm Rear Width: 610mm Front Depth: 242mm Rear Depth: 170mm

4. Pan
The pan is firmly attached to the frame with steel bolts & nuts that have acceptable locking devices.
4.1 Frame
The frame is constructed from round tubing of nominal diameter of 32mm and a wall thickness of 2mm.
The frame is formed from a single length of tubing to provide a suitable support for the wheel and the pan. Wearing strips of length 10cm, formed from flat bar 25mm x 6mm, welded to the underside of each leg, and to the front of the bow of the frame.
Reinforcement and bracing of the frame.
a) The frame is braced by means of two flat steel bars of section 25mm x 6mm to form supports for the pan.
b) Two front braces of flat bar of 25mm x 6mm fitted between the front face of the pan and the bow end of the frame, The braces are secured to the frame by the axle-mounting bolts and mounted to the pan.
4.2 Handles
The handles of the wheelbarrow are closed by means of plastic end caps.
4.3 Wheel
Wheel Centre: Pressed steel, 1,6mm thick, duly bolted assembly.
Tire: Black Polyurethane 13 x 5.0-6 (Puncture Free)
Wheel diameter: 350mm
Width of tread: 120mm
Axle hole: 25,5mm
Hub Width: 80mm
Weight: 2.6kg
Load capacity: 180kg

5. Bearing

The wheel is fitted with a nylon bush like a tube or sleeve which help with the motion by sliding as apposed to the rolling motion of a bearing. They are self, lubricating and it also have an extremely low coefficient of friction.
The nylon Bush is ideal for heavy loads at lower speeds.

6. Finish
Frame: Powder Coated in Black
Tray: Powder Coated in Carbonized Grey


This product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of sale, except for the tire which has 6 months cover.

Remedy and Exclusions
The sole remedy for a covered defect during the Warranty period shall be limited to product replacement of the original purchase price. In no event will Bright World be obligated to pay any costs, damages or other amounts, in total, exceeding the original price paid to Bright World for the product to purchase or any third party.
Additionally, Bright World shall not warrant the product nor be liable to the purchaser or any third party for any product liability claims or damages caused by non-compliance with any of the following conditions or, without limitation, any of the following:
*Alterations, accidents, abuse, misuse or neglect
* Rust
*Loss or theft
*Repair or modifications
*Acts of God, or acts otherwise outside the control of Bright World
*Normal wear and tear
*Placement of improper materials into or onto the product
*Use of abnormal contaminants detrimental to the product or damage due to pollutants, solvents, or otherwise hazardous substances in or around the product
*Improper handling and improper or unintended use

Claim Procedure
Warranty claims must be submitted to Bright World within fifteen (15) days of discovering the defective material and must be accompanied by proof of purchase documentation acceptable to Bright World and a detailed explanation of the claim and alleged defects/damages, any relevant work logs/repair orders, and pictorial documentation of the defect upon request. Bright World reserves the right to investigate all claims and request additional information. Claims shall be emailed to henry@brightworld.co,za

Dispute Resolution
Bright World shall, in its sole opinion, have the authority to judge the existence and extent of any alleged defect. In the event Bright World denies a warranty claim, the claimant has ten (10) days to apply additional data to support of its claim.


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